Hand-Made in Italy and designed in London,
Sienna Alexander sunglasses brand started in 2016 with the goal of combining the timeless
design with affordable price and main attention on sustainable production.

Our sunglasses are made for the women
who are always on a journey. Women with strong individuality, open-mindedness,
and wanderlust in their hearts. Our sunglasses aren’t about trends or fads;
they are more subtle than that: perfect if you want comfort without fuss yet
looking effortlessly chic no matter where life takes you.

The Italian craftsmanship and
attention to details is second-to-none, so we only work with small family-owned
factories in Italy that pass their knowledge from generation to generation. The
European union has the strictest manufacturing regulations in the world; therefore,
it gives you a piece of mind that your purchase supports fair trade practices
and the lowest impact on the environment compared to the products that are made
anywhere else in the world.  

All our sunglasses are made from the
Mazzucchelli acetate including the bio-degraded acetate sheets. These environmentally
friendly, renewable sources of cellulose allow us to produce high-quality
frames that are better for the planet.

We are committed to giving back. For
every pair of sunglasses sold, we donate money to Vision Aid Overseas that works
hard to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender or economic status has
access to affordable eye care services in the poorest regions in Africa.



Size Guide
Sienna Alexander London - Size Guide
The best way to figure out if a pair of sunglasses will fit you, is to measure a pair of sunglasses that you already have and you like, and compare the below dimensions.
Nose Bridge Width is measured in mm and is the distance between the lenses
Frame Height is measured in mm and is the height of the frame
Lens width is measured in mm and is the horizontal distance between the bridge and the temple