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Silver-tone metal clip on and black lenses

This Clip-on fits on Model E1 SHOREDITCH

100% Hand Made in Italy


Black Colour /100% UV Protection / CR-39 Italian Certified


Italian stainless steel

Silicon pads on clip on preventing lenses from scratching 


Lens Width: 53 mm

Lens Height: 53 mm 

(Please refer to the size guide for further details)

The Clip ons come in 6 different colour variations and can be purchased separately. They are well fitted to the frame and easily removable. All you need to do is to press down the metal bridge on the clip on.  All clip ons come with silicone pads preventing lenses from scratching when removing or putting it on.  

Size Guide
Sienna Alexander Size Guide
The best way to figure out if a pair of sunglasses will fit you, is to measure a pair of sunglasses that you already have and you like, and compare the below dimensions.
Bridge Width is measured in mm and is the distance between the lenses
Lens Height is measured in mm and is the height of the lens
Lens width is measured in mm and is the horizontal distance between the bridge and the temple